Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ayahuasca Healing Network

Many people are experiencing different ways. Allow me to introduce myself here and show you what the ayahuasca plant is all about in a stay for up to 7 months for your convenience. What do you feel to gain on your journey?

180 lbs and over
115 "now"

When you are over this weight, please give your hours toward a treadmill and private instructor first and then give me a call.

What do you feel to do now?

When do you feel to tone up and give up? What give up do you feel after being told - you are not able to participate with us because of a weight issue?

When you are a pound over the limit, what do you feel then? We are trying to get our group under a certain energy reference and this is too much shown in the picture and any weight near this? 180 and over

Any other participant who is close to 180 and can show a picture will be certain to arrive with a minimal payment first of $1200 for the instructional fee when you arrive and regain a consciousness level of 10 and beyond. Any state of resistance that flows in and out of your aura will show up with the other group members too at the retreat and will not want to work off your steam there excessively. Instead - I will have to regroup you and retreats will have to be about you only.

The members of the only class that have the allowed weight have to be adjoined to a way and the still quality of those are numerous instead unlimited. So continue asking and providing as much information as you can.

The walk is plenty for you and the group setting is a vibration level that is adjusted by me. As this continues, we will have to work harder to clear together with energy levels that are extremely high. This goes straight to members of churches and different organizations. For people that are paying for an individual seat, what way do you feel this would make them or break them? I pay for a seat on my own and the weight is very gold with you and your family going home as they are non resistant to your flow.

What way do you feel today? Give me a ring or text HERE