Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ayahuasca Healing Network - Tantra Sessions included - 2014

What mask do you feel I place on my head? A crown or a dictation of sorts? Why would I crown my friend today? Why do I see more than just what the work is today? Can I figure out a sound of OM for me or for someone else in the noon time? Or eve? I love how the sun fights off the trees in the winter to say you have to dress better and they do. With you.

What matrix is on for now? The desert storm and the opening of one that sees me no more. Why?

I love you today dad. I love you too mom. What now aspect do I vibe with sis? The full moon rising is the kundalini inside of you. Wow.

How do I stand up to gather my insides? How do I stand up to gather my insides and why do I feel a fry?

Love extreme Namaste

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