Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tantra in All Settings with Kenya - Goddess Fire

Playing with the Gods (any thing that plays in your space comes out to show you what god is your ego center more) are very conducive with tantra. the feel is always bliss. regardless of the orgasmic experience of sensual pelvic action. the feeling of high is auto pilot and gears toward a grand play. the different settings for you is always the minimum and feels for different ones:

A - Angel play: Gets you trained on what tantra is with a dance and bells and sound. Allows you to get comfortable

B - Lap Dance Dragon Slay: Fears the proctor as he/she feels to do more with their action in love making

C - Dragons out: Wires you to do you as the ultimate kid play in all of YOU. Shows you what you have inside and remain a neutral state of KUNDALINI rising bliss The kid play in instructional setting and what things are is more the fears inside you that want more talk "to get you up".

When the dragons out you will just gain momentum inside you and allow yourself to let go with what happens and your body is the instruction in a yoga format. Fire in your own being is what is action orienting your entire vessel to be with you or anyone else in this setting. And when they are doing more for you and vice versa - the heart extends a welcome of "giving / receiving" extreme.

Namaste to kid play as "baby open rising".

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