Ayahuasca Healing Ceremonies

Ayahuasca - Plant Medicine Botanical Source File
Banisteriospsis caapi & Psychotria viridis Peru Name
La Medicina

A feel of a plant that says I am all that I am in all the soreness of the wild and the yearning of the world stands tall in this medicine walk and the walk is native to you. All the time. Stand tall in your own ability to know anything else about Shaman Kitara in a plant walk with her representative I AM Metaphysician PhD Kenya Lynem. Wild plant of the southern plant region that goes undetermined and escapes any type of feeling that is more than itself.

Tribes of land walkers gain access to the herb to heal as the spirit ancestors come forward and state any type of conjured nominal works. Where are you in the world to receive this healing?

What type of walk do you prefer in your own light?

What mission do you prefer to have with our lectures in Peru?

What master plan does the world state you feel to do with your familial? Or patterns?

When the tribal gear is turned inward, you are the access to your own living. What family does this come from and how do you ask questions to gain access to many opportunities for your own drive and path? Or do the stars show you better in your own eye?

Have the plant call upon you and we service only that - you.

Lectures are also retreat ready.

Walkabouts are 2 to 5 month journs for the heart. Sit with metaphysician phd Kenya Lynem tarologist. She fits the mission on a no time basis with you. The space is settled for no time and you relinquish this if you feel later. The classroom setting is adjusted in free form and very private and conducive for your own walk. No mind set journ and linked only 3rd eye mission so you see and hear and feel extreme your own way.

Any type of luggage or claim or work setting that you are having to adjust, please call ahead of time and we speak now. When the work load has been shifted in your setting and payment issues occur - allow yourself to blend here: http://100hotjobs.blogspot.com and we are able to affirm a way to pay. Namaste Enlakech Blessed Be and Amen - No source is you

Lesson Plans as follows:

- No work load or children
- Heavy luggage according to weather or no weather plans too
- Spirit way is here now

- Any type of energetic load that is not let go for you, is now let go as you conquest on a mission of seeing you and no more (this lesson plan is no work load territory of the root and states that you feel you as long as you know what this is - 7 month journ) up to 10 people.

- 5 month journ is already set to you and no you. Up to 10 people as price is set.

- 1 week is set to only tribal emotional patterns that are stirring you up as you request to extreme them gone. Up to 1 emotional pattern that is firm and grounded in your way. Up to 10 people as price is only set to $2400

- 1 week is set to only you and is $2800 or up to $3200 for classroom agenda too extended view.

- Restrooms are included and so are the insects and animals that are bite ready. If you are paying minimal for a group ($2400 up to 10 people) and are not privy to the ayahuasca healing herb, then you are feeling just to vibe a high aura that is cleansed and may just realize why the insects come around often.

- Any stray animals that you feel to travel with you, please include only $200 extra for him/her.

- What animal to bring? Dogs, Cats, Lizards, Pet Rattle Snakes, Exotic forms that fly (on your own behalf and risk of escape), and insurance for the escape is not set in $200 fee. Please bring crates or maintenance for dogs and cats only to abide by the shaman way for the newness of location and space will adjust to them and you minimally. Small pets that get lost may be eaten by tribal ceremonial groups in the rainforest. Any extra condiments or food is baggaged and sealed at the entrance of hut. Any weary feelings about this will have to just be.

- Work clothes are adjustable and may feel hot and heavy on you in the tropic weather that is mostly rain and humid. Wear your own attire please.

Higher Mind Calling

Legal Implications:

No minor under the age of 19 and none beyond 21 without parental consent.
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