Shaman Kitara aka Kenya

Shaman Kitara is the guide for the ceremony. None are better than her at wincing off the attacks of the demonic patterns of your provisional lifespans. The slaying she does has nothing to do with her ability but her walk. Her own walkabout opened her up and led her to a life of over 20 years of excitement with another open vessel that have two adult children shamans.

Work and play have nothing on anyone that I have seen in my own living. The adults that I do are minimal. I go out minimal. Live and travel in vehicle often. Car episodes have been more projections that have dealt with many areas that are spanned for any shadow people to include with the journey for you. The spirit world is very open and receiving and very real. I have been forgiven for all past life scanned historical occurrences which have included witch hunts on the "you" of the inner demonic trials of the system. Have also witnessed many death experiences first hand to cover any dripping whip feel that you may have walked into in your own destiny lifespan. What do your feet walk you into the most? The drive of the heart is very normal and also lit for you to express your own situations here. Please comment below and allow yourself to do more than just you.

When people have nothing better to do, Kenya appeals to many younger groups and is now almost 40 years old. Her two daughters are both 13 and 18 years old. Both are protected under the native laws. Spirit world hands them over to you soon. Whatever you feel to express please do. Any tantra occasions with me under ceremonial lifeways, please disregard as this walker is out of commission with any contact in that way. And has hired different Tantra experts to do the gigs.

While you have more than just your own dealings to do, when do you feel to do more of you?

What people do you have that is available for this type of group setting? Allow yourself to gain any type of perspective for this and we will meditate on the outcome of your visual dealings.
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